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Why do I have to request access to a thread?

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When viewing an email thread that's been added to a box inside of a Streak pipeline, you are viewing the message from the perspective of the user who added the thread to the box.

If the user who added the email thread to the box is not included in a later side conversation within the email thread, by default those side conversation messages are private. Any other user viewing the email thread inside of the box will need to ask permission to view the side conversations within the email thread.

Streak shows you the existence of your team’s unshared emails in the box timeline and while you’re viewing a thread that has unshared emails in it.

Ask your teammates to share their emails by requesting access in Streak. They'll get an email with your request, have a chance to review the unshared email thread or box, and can either share now or share all threads in the pipeline.

How to request access to emails

There are two ways to request access in Streak:

Option 1: From an unshared email in the box view
1. Click on the grayed out email in the box timeline
2. Click 'Request Access" in the drop-down menu on the right

Option 2: From the banner at the top of the box view
1. Click "Request Access"

The user who receives the email notification requesting approval to share the email thread has four options:

Option 1: Share the specific email thread

Option 2: Review the unshared email thread

Option 3: Share all of their email threads with that specific streak contact within the pipeline

Option 4: Share all of their email threads for all of their streak contacts within that entire pipeline. This option will allow all members of your team to be able to read the emails boxed to that specific pipeline. Each team member will only need to enable this once per pipeline.

Once your team member shares the email, you'll be able to see the full email content. You can then view and reply all to your team’s shared email.

Auto-share all your emails to a pipeline

To automatically share all boxed emails with your team members, you can navigate to the "Share" button at the top right of a pipeline and enable the "Auto-share my emails to pipeline" toggle:

Once this toggle is enabled, all of the email threads added from your inbox to that pipeline will automatically be accessible for your team members to view. You can turn this feature off at any time by disabling the toggle.

Please keep in mind that each team member will need to enable this toggle for each pipeline to share all their emails across all pipelines.

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