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Reply to your team's shared emails

Streak makes it possible to reply to emails that aren't actually in your Gmail inbox

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Streak helps teams collaborate by sharing emails and allowing you to reply to emails that aren't in your inbox. This means you can join a conversation or share responsibilities without waiting to be introduced or added to an email thread.

Viewing shared emails 

Once you or a teammate share an email, you can find that email in a few different places:

  • Pipelines add emails to boxes to share them with your team and organize them in your pipelines. The email will appear in the box timeline.

  • Contact and organization pages – your team's shared emails with Streak contacts and organizations are automatically included in their respective contact and organization pages

  • Threads in your inbox – In some scenarios – like if a contact doesn't hit 'reply all' and their reply only goes to one member of your team – you may find your team's shared emails in your inbox.

    In the example below, Linzi sends an email to Florrie and cc's Drew, but Florrie only replies to Linzi. Linzi can share her version of the email (seen below), which will include it in the email thread in Drew's inbox – even though Florrie's reply wasn't sent to Drew. 

Replying to shared emails

To reply to a shared email, open it from a box timeline, a contact or organization page, or from a thread in your inbox and hit the 'Reply All' button.

You’ll notice that you only have the option to reply all, which ensures that the original email owner — the person who has the email in their inbox — doesn’t miss any messages in the thread.

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