A Box is the centralized location where you put all the emails, files, contacts and details related to your lead, customer, or candidate. As your Pipelines represent a list of Boxes, clicking on a single row will bring you into your Box Details View:

When entering the Box Details View, you will find your Box divided into three main sections: 

  1. the Box's toolbar
  2. the Box's timeline 
  3. the Box's data fields

Sections of your Box can be collapsed, expanded, reordered and resized for maximum productivity. Read more about customizing your Box Details View here.

Box Toolbar

The basic details of your Box can be found at the top of your Box, such as the Box's name and the Pipeline that Box is currently in.

The quick navigation arrow on in the top left 

 will bring you directly back to your Pipeline View and the navigation arrows on the top right 

 will scroll from Box to Box in that Pipeline. 

From the top section of the Box you can also:

  • Follow or Unfollow the Box for update notifications 
  • Move the Box to another Pipeline on your Team 
  • Delete the Box 

Box Timeline

On one side of the Box, you will find Box's timeline. Every time you make a change to your Box or add content to the Box, the records will display here in reverse chronological order. 

You can add the following content directly to the timeline:

  • Call Logs
  • Meeting Notes
  • Tasks
  • Uploaded Files
  • Comments

The timeline will also show:

  • Boxed emails - all emails added to that Box
  • Box edits - all edits made to that Box including Stage changes, content additions, and data edits 

Box Data Fields

On the other side of the Box, you will find the Box's data fields. These fields can be accessed from both the Box Details View and the Pipeline Spreadsheet View, including:

  • the Box's Stage
  • the user Assigned To the box
  • Notes
  • Custom Columns
  • Magic Columns
  • Linked Boxes
  • Contacts and Organizations

The type of fields that show in your Box Details View will be the same for every Box in that Pipeline. To add more Custom Column or Magic Column data to your Box template, you will need to add more Columns at the Pipeline level. 

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