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What is a box? 

A box is what you're tracking in your pipeline - it could be a sales lead, a partner, a candidate, a support ticket, an investor, or anything else you want to track. 

Each row in your pipeline is a box. 

Within each of your boxes, you could: 

  • Add and view emails (including any email your team adds) 

  • Add comments and meeting notes (shared with your entire team) 

  • Collaborate and tag team members (we’ll notify them when you @mention them) 

  • Add contacts (we’ll automatically enrich them with publicly available data) 

  • Assign tasks (we'll notify them when assigned)

  • Upload files 

Box Toolbar

The pipeline name, box name, and box followers can be found in the box toolbar.

  • Follow or unfollow the box to receive notifications when the box is updated

  • Move the box to another pipeline on your team

  • Delete the box 

Box Timeline

The box timeline displays a record of all emails, updates, and content added to the box. You can add to the box by typing in the comment field or clicking the corresponding icons at the top of the box timeline:

  • Comments

  • Tasks

  • Call logs

  • Meeting notes

  • Upload files

Click the overflow menu at the top of the timeline to select which content and events you'd like to have displayed in your box timeline.


Here you can find the box's column data, stage, assignee, contacts, notes and linked boxes. You can edit this information from both the box view and the pipeline view.

The custom columns here correspond to your pipeline columns, so you must add columns to your pipeline in order to create new box data fields.

Box insights powered by AI

Powered by AI, Streak can offer concise summaries of deal interactions, generate possible follow-up tasks, directly answer your questions or searches about a deal in natural language, or automatically fill in various box fields using email data in your box.

These features can be found in the AI bar at the top of the box timeline.

Streak AI features are only available on our Pro+ and Enterprise plans. To upgrade your plan follow these instructions.

Summarize box activity

The box summarizer can be used to pick out the important details from your email conversations, call logs & meeting notes and automatically generate a summary of key information, highlighting decision-makers, and suggesting key next steps.

Click "Summarize Box" to transform box data and email history into a concise report. Tasks are also suggested for immediate action items to help move the box through your pipeline.

Search a box with Q&A

The box search feature allows you to ask specific questions to find information on your lead or deal. For example, a sales manager can view one of their sales rep’s deals and ask questions like: “When did the customer say they could sign the contract?” or “How many seats are included in the contract?”

Instead of relying on sales rep logs, our Streak AI searches the entire email history and box contents to fetch your answers with the “Ask a question” button.

Automatically fill in box fields

The AI auto-fill feature automatically scans emails and content in the box to suggest updates for your pipeline fields based on the analyzed data. These suggested updates can be implemented effortlessly with a single click, keeping your pipeline columns accurate and up-to-date, enabling you to focus on closing deals instead of data entry.

Click “Autofill columns” to generate the suggested fields and you can choose to update each field individually or update all.

New to Streak? Check out our getting started guide.  

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