What is a box? 

A box is an item that you move through your pipeline - it could be a sales lead, a candidate's job application, a support ticket, an investor, or anything else you'd like to track.

Each row in a pipeline opens into a detailed box view, where you can track emails, files, contacts, details, and communication related to your box. 

The box view is divided into three main sections

  1. Box toolbar
  2. Box timeline 
  3. Box data fields

Sections of your box can be collapsed, expanded, reordered and resized to your preference. Read more about customizing your box details view here.

Box Toolbar

The pipeline name, box name, and box followers can be found in the box toolbar.

The arrow on the left navigates back to the pipeline.

Arrows to the far right of the toolbar allow you to scroll from box to box in that pipeline.

From the box toolbar you can also:

  • Follow or unfollow the box to receive notifications when the box is updated
  • Move the box to another pipeline on your team
  • Delete the box 

Box Timeline

The box timeline displays a record of all emails, updates, and content added to the box.

You can add to the box by typing in the comment field or clicking the corresponding icons at the top of the box timeline:

  • Comments
  • Tasks
  • Call logs
  • Meeting notes
  • Upload files

Click the overflow menu at the top of the timeline to select which content and events you'd like to have displayed in your box timeline.

Box Data Fields

The box data fields display the box's stage, assignee, contacts, linked boxes, and column data. You can edit this information from both the box view and the pipeline view.

Data fields correspond to your pipeline columns, so you must add columns to your pipeline in order to create new box data fields.

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