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Taking over billing for your team
Taking over billing for your team

Billing owner leaving?

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When an owner of your team first subscribes to a paid plan, they will automatically become the payer responsible for all future billing.

If the account's payer is going to leave the company or change job responsibilities, another user can take over the billing responsibility from the Billing and Teams page.

Transferring the payer role

Taking over this role requires that you already have an Owner or Payer Only role on your team. If you’ve been added to the team as a Member, you’ll need to request the Team Owner to update your role to Owner.

  1. Click the Streak icon in Gmail's top bar

  2. Select the Manage Billing and Teams option

  3. Scroll to the Billing section and select Take over billing

  4. The original credit card will transfer over to the new Payer’s account

Once this transfer is complete, the new Payer will be able to update the credit card, billing address, as well as view and download invoices.

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