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How to build automations in Streak

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You can use Streak's native integration tool to automate repetitive tasks and load data into Streak custom columns automatically.

For example, when a box moves into your "Closed - Won" stage, you could automatically create a task for "Send welcome packet".

What triggers and actions are available?

The triggers available are (this is the behavior that would start the automation):

  • New box created

  • Box change stage

  • Box hasn't moved

  • Box updated

  • Mail merge recipient viewed

  • Mail merge recipient clicked

  • Mail merge recipient replied

The following actions can run automatically once a trigger occurs:

  • Create a box: Create or update a box within a specific Streak pipeline

  • Add contact to a box: Add a contact to a box or create a new one

  • Add comment to box: Create a comment in the box every time the trigger occurs

  • Add task to box: Create a task in the box

  • Add call log to box: Create a call log within the box

  • Add meeting note to box: Create a meeting note within a box

  • Add recipient to mail merge: Add the contact to a mail merge

  • Add box contacts to mail merge: Add the contacts in a box to a mail merge

  • Pause recipient in mail merge: Pause the mail merge for an individual recipient

  • Change box stage: Update the stage of an existing box

  • Update box: Update fields of an existing box

  • Add Gmail thread to box: Add a Gmail thread to a box

  • Send snippet: Send a snippet to a set of recipients

  • Send message to Slack: Posts a message to any public channel

  • Open link: Opens any URL in a new tab

  • Outbound webhook: Request a webhook

How to create tasks automatically when a box changes stage in Streak:

1. Access “Integrations & Automation”:

  • Open the pipeline where you wish to set up the integration.

  • Click the three dots in the top right hand corner.

  • Click “Integrations & Automation”.

  • Click the option “Automate repetitive tasks”.

  • Click on the template “Create tasks when a box changes stage”.

2. Set up your trigger ‘Box stage changed’ step:

  • Decide if you want to trigger the task automation based on the “Leaving Stage” or “Entering Stage”, or both.

  • Once decided, double click into either field to make your stage selection.

3. Set up your “Add task to box” step:

  • Double click into the required “Task name” field to complete. This tells the integration what the name of your tasks will be. For example, “review candidate box”.

  • Double click into the “Due date” field to choose when these tasks will be due once created. You can select any of the “suggestions” that populate or you can add a formula that will create a due date based on another date column in your pipeline.

  • Optional: Double click into the “Assigned To” field to choose your Streak teammate(s) that should be assigned to the tasks. If you leave “Assigned To” blank, these boxes will be assigned to the user that actually moves the box.

  • Click Create.

Integrations and automations are available on our Pro+ and Enterprise plans. To upgrade your plan follow these instructions.

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