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See where boxes drop off throughout your pipeline and improve conversion rates

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Funnel reports help you identify bottlenecks or 'leaks' in your pipeline. They show you where your boxes are dropping off throughout your pipeline and how many boxes made it from one stage to the next.

These reports are typically used for sales, fundraising, hiring or any other linear process.

In the funnel report below, for example, you can see the bottleneck is between "Pitched", "Negotiating" and "Closed - Won"

How to create a funnel report

Funnel reports live in the same place as all of Streak's other pipeline reports. To add a funnel report to your reports dashboard:

  1. Open the pipeline you want to report on.

  2. Click the 3-dot menu at the top right of your pipeline.

  3. Choose “Reports” to go to the reporting dashboard.

  4. If you haven’t used Streak reports before, answer some questions in the pop-up to configure your reports.

  5. Click “Add report” at the top of the reports dashboard.

  6. Find the funnel report option in the sidebar on the right. Click and drag the funnel report option onto your reports dashboard.

Using data sources with funnel reports

Using saved views as a data source for your funnel reports can help you answer questions and find useful insights within your process.

For example, using a combination of saved views and funnel reports, we can track the performance of individual sales agents, look at specific times/dates or track how boxes with specific criteria are converting (ie. lead source, product type etc).

Funnel reports are available on all plan types that include reports.

The ability to choose your data source is available on Pro+ and Enterprise plans. To upgrade your plan follow these instructions.

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