Our mail merge tool allows you to send customized messages to Contacts in a pipeline (or via CSV import) all in one go – no individual outreach necessary.

Mail merges can include standard and custom content and can be launched from both your pipeline view and a compose window.

Create a mail merge from a pipeline

The best way to start sending emails via mail merge is through a pipeline that is utilizing our Contacts functionality. 

  1. Select the boxes in your pipeline that have the Contacts you want to reach out to.
  2. In the pipeline toolbar, choose the Send icon that represents Mail Merge
  3. A new compose window will open with a new drawer to the right that contains an entry for each recipient of your mail merge.
  4. If you've segmented your pipeline's contacts into groups, you can choose where Streak gathers recipients from the dropdown on the second line of the To field.

Create a mail merge from a CSV

If you haven't started using our pipeline functionality, you can still send a mail merge! We accept any CSV file with a column dedicated to Email Addresses. 

  1. Open a new Compose window.
  2. To the right of the To, From, and Cc/Bcc options, there is an option for Mail Merge. Click it and follow the prompt for Upload CSV.

Additional columns in the CSV will become available as variables when you finish uploading.

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