Contacts in Streak are dynamic objects that contain many types of information and allow you to easily reach out to people at the right time. Learn more about Contacts and Organizations here

Once you add a Contact or Organization, you can edit contact details, see other boxes in which that contact exists, and follow-up or reach out to your contact. A contact can exist in more than one box, and a box can have more than one contact - it's a many-to-many relationship.

Create a new Contact or Organization

From the Streak Sidebar

The easiest way to create a new Contact or Organization is from the Streak sidebar while viewing an email thread. 

Streak will suggest relevant contacts based on the recipients of the email thread, and adding a contact to your box is as simple as accepting or denying the suggestion. You can also add new contacts by typing in their name or email address after clicking Add contact.

From Pipeline View

The Contacts and Organizations column contains contact information added to any box. 

Streak will automatically populate results based on your Google Contacts, existing contacts, and offer up Suggested Contacts based on any email threads you've already added to the box.

  1. Double click the field for "Contacts and Organizations".
  2. Type the name of your contact or organization. If no match is found, create a new contact or organization.

If you want to mass create contacts, too, doing so from the Pipeline view is the fastest method – you can copy and paste email addresses directly into the column and Streak will do the rest of the work for you.

From an open Box

If none of the suggested contacts are relevant to the box, you can add a new Contact from the box view.

  1. Open any box in Streak.
  2. Under the "Contacts and Organizations" section, select Add and begin typing the email address (or name) of the contact or organization you'd like to add.
  3. Select the option (Contact or Organization) that best corresponds to your data.

If the Contact or Organization already exists, Streak will display that as an option when you begin typing. This helps you prevent data duplication and can help speed up your process.

Using the Importer Tool

If you have a list of contact information that exists in Google Sheets, you can use the Streak Importer Tool to import contacts directly to your pipeline. 

Find more tips on importing multiple contacts from Sheets to a pipeline

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