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Using contacts and organizations

What can I do with contacts and organizations?

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Contacts and organizations are the people and companies that your team interacts with. Each contact and organization has their own contact or organization page in Streak.

Features like mail merge, automatic email sharing, and Streak Upcoming all use data from your contacts and organizations to share information with your team, give you time-saving shortcuts, and help you engage with the people and companies in your pipelines.

In this article, we'll explore what you can do with contacts and organizations in Streak.

Contacts and organizations in your pipelines

Creating contacts and organizations in your pipelines shows your team which people and companies are associated with each box.  Every pipeline in Streak has a contacts and organizations column, where you can add contacts and organizations to your boxes.

You can also create custom contact and organization columns for specific roles at a company, like decision makers, your contacts in the finance department, or just a separate organization column.

Once you add a contact or organization to your boxes, you can use a number of tools to reach out to your contacts and track information in Streak.

Contact and organization pages

Contact and organization pages to give your team a complete interaction history of the people and companies in your pipelines. 

All of your team's emails with a contact or organization are automatically included in the Team activity section of a contact or organization page. You'll also find details about where they are in your pipelines and – of course – their contact information.

Take action on contacts

Reach out to your contacts from the Streak sidebar (below), the pipeline view, their contact page, or the box view. Click the three dots in the contact card to:

  • begin a new email draft

  • start a phone or video call (via Hangouts, your native dialer, or an iOS device)

  • start a chat with the contact via Hangouts

  • create a Google Calendar event with the contact as an invitee

Send a customized mail merge to contacts and organizations

Send a mail merge to your contacts and add a personal touch with custom variables, like the contact's name and details from your pipeline columns.

Shortcuts for follow up and tasks

Organize your follow up by creating tasks, which you can find in the Upcoming sidebar. When you create tasks for boxes that have contacts and organizations, we suggest actions and give you shortcuts to reach out or schedule a meeting directly from Upcoming.

Draft an email, create a calendar invite, or make a call with one click.

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