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Editing and adding information to a Contact or Organization
Editing and adding information to a Contact or Organization

Edit or add more information to your contacts and organizations.

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Each contact and organization has their own contact or organization page in Streak, where you'll find your team's emails with the contact, details about where they are in your pipelines and – of course – their contact information.

Streak uses a third-party integration to auto-enrich contact information with publicly available data like a LinkedIn page or a Twitter handle. 

To edit or add information in the contact or organization's page:

1- Search for the contact or organization in the Gmail search bar (below), or click on their contact card in the Streak sidebar, in a pipeline, or in a box.

This will bring you to their contact or organization page.

2- Edit the information in the contact page sidebar. Changes are saved automatically and Streak logs a history of changes in the team activity section of the contact or organization's page.

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