Our goal is simple: to give you the tools to manage work in the place where you spend most of your time – Gmail.  

Streak consists of two main components all inside Gmail: 

1. Workflow management. Streak often replaces entire CRMs.

  • Organize your emails according to how you work
  • Track and prioritize deals, projects, tasks and contacts that need to be followed-up with
  • Collaborate with your team- share emails, comments, files, and even tasks with them- all without ever leaving Gmail

To get started, check out our getting started guide here.

2. Email power tools 

Streak provides a range of tools to let you work faster and smarter in Gmail. Our most popular features are Email Tracking (know instantly when someone sees your message) and Mail Merge (send personalized mass emails).

Who is Streak for?

Everyone! If you're managing sales leads, partnerships, projects, applying for jobs, tracking applications, events or managing any workflow: Streak can manage it end-to-end.

Is Streak free to use? 

Our basic workflow management functionalities and email power tools are free, but our full-featured solution is a paid version. Most of our active users use us for free, and we recommend starting a trial to see which suits you best. 

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