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Email magic columns are broken, what's going wrong?
Email magic columns are broken, what's going wrong?

Date of Last Email Sent not tracking your messages?

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Magic columns around sent and received emails determine what's "sent" and "received" by the From and To fields in an email. If you're sending and receiving emails through an alias, it's likely that Streak is unaware of that alias and it's distorting your data.

When you log into Streak for the first time, you give Streak permission to your Google Accounts. Since Streak allows you to add your emails to opportunities and leads (boxes), we need access to email thread IDs and other metadata to populate data in the Magic Columns.

If you use an alias to send messages or send mail from an inbox that is different than the one you use Streak with, it is possible Streak does not have verification of that email address and cannot update magic columns.

To fix your magic column data for any future emails you send with an alias, please contact our Support Team so we can add that alias or new email address to your Streak account. You can send an email to or start a chat with the team.

We cannot update magic columns for any emails that were previously sent with an alias, but once the alias is added to your Streak pipeline, any future emails sent with that address will allow magic columns to reflect accurately.

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