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Custom Columns are "basic" fields that allow you to organize and record any kind of information you want about what you're tracking. When you add a new Custom Column, every Box in that Pipeline will inherit that field. These fields will also then show up in your sidebar when viewing emails that have been added to the Pipeline

With Custom Columns, your Pipeline can be super organized. Filter, sort and group by the fields you have created. For example, you can filter, sort or group your pipeline by Deal Size, Location, Industry, or anything else you enter in your custom columns (e.g. show only $100k deals in Technology in California).  

(for data that Streak automatically tracks for you like "Date of Last Sent Email", "Number of Email Threads" or "Days in Stage", check out
Magic Columns

Adding Custom Columns

Create a new Column through the + button at the top right of the Pipeline, or right-clicking on any existing Column header and selecting Insert Column from the menu. 

Custom Column Options

Free Form - used for plain text data. Free Form Columns are great to use for numbers (like Deal Size) or descriptions (like answers to standardized sales questions). 

Date - used to store dates. You can enter in date values using the calendar widget or by typing in natural language like "next week", "2 months from now".

Checkbox - useful for values that can be in one of two states, such as true / false or yes / no.

Dropdown - useful when you want to select only one option from a list. Dropdown Columns require that you also create values to choose from within the column before use. 

Tag - useful when you want to select one or more options from a list. Tags require that you also create values to choose from within the column before use. 

Formula - powerful manipulation of other Column data using JavaScript notation. Formula Columns require additional configuration after creation. 

Assigned To - used to delegate Boxes to collaborators shared on the Pipeline. By default, the Assigned To value will default to the creator of the Box, but can be re-assigned. 

Contacts and Organizations - used to associate basic contact information (picture, name, email address, phone number, mailing address, etc) with a Streak Box. You can have multiple Contact and Organization Columns in your pipeline. 

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