While Streak's Pipeline templates come fully loaded with the basics to get you started, we highly suggest adding additional Columns to your Pipeline to create a CRM that's the perfect fit! With a Custom Column built for every type of data need, there's a Column for every use case. 

Custom Columns are specific to each Pipeline and come in a variety of formats. When you add a new Custom Column every Box in that Pipeline will get that field. If you remove a Custom Column then Streak removes the data in that Column for every Box automatically. 

Adding Custom Columns

You create a new Column by clicking the + button towards the far right-hand side of the Pipeline, or right-clicking on an existing Column header and selecting Insert Column from the Column menu. 

 Tip: For guided step-by-step instructions in the extension, follow the In-App Tour "How to add a Column to a Pipeline" 

Custom Column Options

Free Form - used for plain text data. Free Form Columns are great to use for numbers (like Deal Size) or descriptions (like answers to standardized sales questions). 

Date - used to store dates. You can enter in date values using the calendar widget or by typing in natural language like "next week", "2 months from now".

Checkbox - useful for values that can be in one of two states, such as true / false or yes / no.

Dropdown - useful when you want to select only one option from a list. Dropdown Columns require that you also create values to choose from within the column before use. 

Tag - useful when you want to select one or more options from a list. Tags require that you also create values to choose from within the column before use. 

Formula - powerful manipulation of other Column data using JavaScript notation. Formula Columns require additional configuration after creation. 

Assigned To - used to delegate Boxes to collaborators shared on the Pipeline. By default, the Assigned To value will default to the creator of the Box, but can be re-assigned. 

Contacts and Organizations - used to associate basic contact information (picture, name, email address, phone number, mailing address, etc) with a Streak Box. You can have multiple Contact and Organization Columns in your pipeline. 

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