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Overview: Automatic email sharing

Pull your team's emails into boxes automatically

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Turning on automatic email sharing for a person or company in your boxes is the easiest way to add emails to Streak and make sure you and your team never forget to log an email in your pipeline.

How automatic email sharing works

You can turn on automatic email sharing on a per-contact and per-organization basis in each box. Emails that are automatically added by Streak will have a sparkle icon to indicate that they were added automatically.

Once you turn on automatic email sharing for a contact or organization in a box:

  • your emails with the person or company are automatically shared with your team and added to that box.

  • your team's shared emails are pulled into the box timeline.

  • Streak shows the existence of your team's unshared emails with that contact or organization by displaying the sent and received details (to/from/date) in the box timeline.

Although you can see the existence of your team's unshared emails, they are grayed out and you can't see the email content. To see the full content, click the grayed out email and request access from your team member.

Turn on automatic email sharing

Turn on automatic email sharing in contact and organization cards, which can be found in the Streak sidebar, in your box timeline, and in your pipeline columns (below). Your team’s emails will be shared and added to the specific box where you turned on email sharing.

  1. Click to open the contact or organization card.

  2. Click the three vertical dots.

  3. Toggle on the switch to "Include all emails".

Learn how to stop sharing emails.

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