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Track link clicks in your sent emails
Track link clicks in your sent emails

Send tracked links and see they were clicked

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Track when a recipient clicks on a link in your email with link tracking. Link tracking is included in Solo, Pro, and Enterprise Streak plans.

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Add tracked links to your emails

Streak defaults to tracking links in your sent emails, snippets, and mail merges as a part of our email view tracking feature. The orange eye icon at the bottom of your email draft indicates that email view tracking and link tracking is turned on.

Turn link tracking for a specific link on or off by clicking the link in your email draft and using the toggle to set your preference.

See if your links are clicked

Link tracking data helps you understand if your recipients are interested and engaged. You can find link tracking detail for individual emails, email threads, and mail merges in Streak. If you'd like, you can also receive notifications when your links are clicked.

Link tracking details in the email thread

Hover over the email tracking (green eye) icon at the top of an email to see email view and link tracking data for each specific message in an email thread.

This will show you each time that email was opened, including location data if available, and if any links were clicked during the email view.

Link tracking details in the email tracking sidebar

Click the green eye icon in the right-hand sidebar when viewing a sent email or one of your email threads.

You’ll find data for both email tracking and link clicks at the top of the sidebar. This shows you the full history of views and clicks for the entire email thread.

Below, you can see details about each time the recipient opened the email thread, and any links that were clicked during that email view.

Link clicks in mail merges

If you included links in a mail merge, you can find data on clicked links and email engagement in the mail merges list.

In the left-hand sidebar menu, open your mail merges list. From the list view, you can see and compare clicks for each mail merge.

Link clicks by individual mail merge recipients

Click a mail merge in the list (above) to see link tracking data for each recipient.

The Emails column shows if the message has been sent, viewed, or if the recipient clicked links in the email.

Link tracking default settings

Link tracking is turned on by default when you enable Streak email tracking.

Enable and disable link tracking defaults

You can adjust your default settings for email view tracking and link tracking in your Streak Settings.

To adjust your default settings:

  1. Click the gear icon in the top right of your Gmail window

  2. Choose the Streak Settings tab

  3. Select “Enabled” or "Disabled" next to the Email Tracking setting

Notifications for link clicks

Streak shows you a notification when your links are clicked so you can follow up quickly with engaged leads and opportunities. You can adjust your settings to stop sending notifications or switch between browser or email notifications in your Streak Settings.

To change your notification settings:

  1. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of your gmail window

  2. Choose the Streak Settings tab

  3. Scroll down to the notifications settings and find the Tracked Email is Clicked options

  4. Open the menu to set your browser and email notification preferences.

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