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Answer questions and gain insights with granular pipeline analytics.

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Advanced reports use the power of saved views to help you answer questions and find useful metrics in your Streak reports dashboard. They add two powerful features to your existing pipeline reports to achieve a more granular analysis of your pipelines.

They include:

  1. Data sources – use custom datasets to isolate and hone in on certain data in your reports, like a specific type of deal or sales rep.

  2. Comparison charts – side-by-side comparisons of how different variables perform at each stage of your funnel.

Once you understand how to create saved views and apply them to Streak reports, you'll be able to answer questions and find valuable insights in your Streak reports dashboard.

How do data sources and comparison charts work in advanced reports?

Once you create a saved view by grouping or applying a filter to your pipeline, you can use it as a data source for your reports.

  • If your saved view includes a filter, only boxes that meet the filter criteria will appear in your report when you apply the data source.

  • If you have a grouping in your saved view, you will be able to see a comparison chart in many report types.

Note that the sort function in a saved view doesn't have any effect on pipeline reports.

Apply a data source to a pipeline report

Most reports have a dropdown menu that allows you to chose one of your existing saved views as a data source.

To apply a custom data source to a pipeline report:

  1. Go to the reports dashboard by clicking the three vertical dots at the top right of your pipeline and selecting the Reports option.

  2. Find an existing report in your dashboard or click ‘Add Report’ at the top of the reports dashboard to add a new one.

  3. Click the drop-down arrow next to the report name at the bottom-left of the report for more formatting options.

  4. Select an existing saved view from the Data Source dropdown menu or choose the “Create a new saved view” option.

Below you can see a funnel report that uses the "Cafe sector" saved view of a Wholesale Coffee pipeline. This means that only deals, or boxes, meeting the criteria of that saved view are represented here.

You can use data sources on a number of report types to answer more specific questions in your pipeline.

In the example below, the report on the left uses the default pipeline view to show the "Value by Person" for the entire pipeline, while the report on the right uses the "Cafe sector" saved view to only include boxes in that saved view.

How to use comparison charts in advanced reports

Comparison charts compare the data in your pipeline grouped by data points like lead source or sales rep when you "group by" that data point in your saved view.

These charts allow a side-by-side comparison of how each variable, like city, sales rep, or product type, converts at each stage of your pipeline.

In the funnel report example below, the saved view is grouped by "lead source". This shows you a comparison of how deals from each lead source convert at each stage of your funnel.

Advanced reporting is available on our Pro+ and Enterprise plans. To upgrade your plan, follow these instructions.

Comparison charts are currently available for select reports, but we’re continually making them available in more reports.

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