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FAQ - Streak AI features
FAQ - Streak AI features

Commonly asked questions on Streak's AI features

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Streak's integration of AI allows you to access advanced capabilities tailored to your specific use case and to streamline your workflow.

Here are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions regarding Streak's AI features:

  1. What AI features do you currently offer?

    Explore our AI roadmap to get a sneak peek at what we're currently working on.

  2. Do you use a 3rd party for AI features?

    Yes, we utilize OpenAI's technology to enable the AI features in Streak.

  3. Are your 3rd party providers secure?

    OpenAI has evolved its data policies with greater privacy safeguards and transparency, particularly around access to API user data, showing a commitment to upholding rigorous security standards. They have been audited for SOC2 compliance as well as several other certifications you can find here:

  4. Do I have to use AI features?

    No, the use of AI features is entirely optional. You can choose to use any of our AI-powered features according to your preference. You can also reach out to and we can opt-out your entire team from ever sending data to our AI providers.

  5. What will happen to my data?

    Your data is sent securely to OpenAI for processing to provide the AI features. It is logged temporarily before being permanently deleted.

  6. Will my data be used to train public models?

    Your data is never used to train public models.

  7. How is my data protected during transit?

    Data is encrypted both at rest (AES-256) and in transit (TLS 1.2+) ensuring a high level of security during transmission to OpenAI.

  8. How long is my data retained by OpenAI?

    As per OpenAI’s data retention policy, your data is retained for a limited 30-day period for debugging, compliance, and abuse purposes. After this period, it is securely and permanently deleted.

  9. Who can I contact for more information regarding data privacy and security?

    You can reach out to for any queries regarding data privacy and security. We are committed to providing clear information and addressing any concerns you may have.

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