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Adding boxes to your pipeline
Adding boxes to your pipeline

Five ways to fill in your pipeline

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There are several ways to add boxes to your pipeline, whether you're just getting started, importing data from a spreadsheet, or adding information as you go. 

Check out the following ways to add boxes to your pipeline in this article:

Method #1 - Quick add people and companies from your inbox

Streak suggests people and companies that you've recently contacted. If you work with a team, everyone can contribute to filling in a shared pipeline from their respective inbox.

Suggestions are found in the right sidebar while viewing a new pipeline. Click on any of the suggestions to add them as a box to your pipeline. This also adds the relevant contact or organization and pulls your team's emails with that person or company into the box.

To add a company or contact in a specific stage of your pipeline, click on that stage before accepting a suggestion.

Quick add with AI smart suggestions

Instead of trying to figure out which contacts need to be added to a pipeline, our AI feature automatically scans your inbox and can intelligently pick contacts that correspond with your pipelines dedicated to sales, hiring, fundraising, and more.

The suggested contacts curated by the AI can be found under the “Smart Suggestions” section when you click on the Quick add button.

Method #2 - Create multiple boxes from emails in your inbox

Create boxes in bulk by selecting emails in your inbox and adding them to a pipeline. If you don’t have pipelines yet, create one on the fly with a ready-to-use pipeline template.

To create boxes from your inbox:

  1. Mark the check box for each email you want to add to Streak

  2. Click the orange plus button at the top of the inbox

  3. In the right-hand sidebar, choose an existing pipeline or create a new pipeline using a template.

  4. Streak will create a box for each external* email address found in the emails, add a Streak contact for each person, and pull in their emails with your entire team.

* an external contact is somebody that is not on your Streak team and does not have the same domain (ex: as you.

Method #3 - Create a box from an email thread

Create new boxes from emails using the Streak sidebar.

When viewing an email, open the Streak sidebar and select which pipeline you'd like to add the item to under the "Create new" section. A box will be created in that pipeline and you can edit the box name and details from the sidebar.

Method #4 - Add rows in your pipeline

To add a new box in the pipeline view, click the "+" button at the top right. This creates a new box as a row in your pipeline. Double click in each cell to add or edit information.

Pipelines can be edited in the same way as a spreadsheet, making it easy to quickly fill in or edit information about your boxes. 

Method #5 - Import data from a spreadsheet

Streak's importer tool allows you to import data directly to your pipeline from the UI.

You can select to import from a Google Sheet, CSV, or Excel file.

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