Contacts and Organizations are the individual people and companies that you interact with in your business process. Adding a contact or organization shares it with your Team — if a team member has access to a box that the contact is in, they'll be able to see the contact and add it to additional boxes.

Centralize data with contacts and organizations

Contacts and organizations have a many-to-many relationship with boxes — you can add more than one contact or organization to a single box, and the same contact or organization can also exist in more than one box in any of your team's pipelines.

Contacts are dynamic objects in Streak that contain many types of information. In addition to any contact information you enter, Streak will automatically enrich your contact data with publicly available data from Clearbit

This eliminates the need for custom columns like First and Last Name, Address, Phone Numbers, and Email Address.

Take action on Contacts

Interact with your contacts from the Streak sidebar, pipeline view, or box view. Click into the contact to:

  • Create a new email draft
  • Start a phone or video call (via Hangouts, your native dialer, or an iOS device)
  • Start a chat with the user via Hangouts
  • Create a Google Calendar event with the contact as an invitee

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