There are a few common causes behind Streak not loading. The troubleshooting steps below will resolve most loading issues in Chrome and Safari.

Install Streak extension

Streak needs to be installed on the browser of any machine you're using.  

When installed, you should see the Streak icon at the top of your browser window. If you don't see the icon, install Streak here.

Check your browser version

Be sure you're using the latest version of your respective browser (either Chrome or Safari). If you're not sure, check your browser version.

Clear cache and reload browser

Google Chrome and Safari keep a cache of the things they've downloaded and they store that on your device. They do this to help you load frequently visited websites faster and more efficiently, but sometimes the cache is out-of-date, which can result in a less ideal or broken experience.

If you're not sure how to properly clear the cache and reload your browser, this article will walk you through step-by-step.

Review extension conflicts

If Streak isn't loading after clearing your cache and reloading your browser, the culprit is often a conflicting browser extension. Streak has been tested with many other Gmail extensions and runs alongside them just fine, but there are exceptions.

If we detect an extension conflict, we'll do our best to alert you of the issue. However, you can test for extension conflicts if you didn't receive an alert. If Streak loads after testing for extension conflicts, we can suggest a few workarounds so you can continue using Streak with other extensions. You'll find these in our article on extension conflicts

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