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Update box information in the sidebar
Update box information in the sidebar

Update your pipeline while reading or drafting an email

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Fill in details on your lead and update the status of your box while reading or drafting an email. 

Edit the box name

Click on the box name to edit it in the sidebar. To navigate to a box, click the go-to-box arrow icon next to the box name.

Change the stage of a box

Stages represent a step of your pipeline's workflow. A box typically changes stages when you reach a new milestone, like contacting a lead or scheduling a demo.

To change the stage of a box from the sidebar, click on the current stage banner and select the new stage from the dropdown menu. This change will reflect in your pipeline as the box moves to the newly selected stage.  

Add contacts

Add contacts to your box as soon as they're introduced. Once added, view auto-enriched details, schedule follow-up, reach out with one click, and more. 

Edit column data

Keep your pipelines up to date as you learn more information about your leads. Click any of the custom column fields to add or update information. 

Document interactions and add to your box

The sidebar action menu brings functionality right to your inbox so you can get straight to the actions you need to perform. Click the blue "+" button at the bottom of the sidebar to access the menu options.

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