There are several ways to add items to your pipeline, whether you're just getting started, importing data from a spreadsheet, or adding information as you go. 

#1 Quick add items during pipeline setup

Streak finds the best leads from your email inbox and generates a list of suggested people and companies for your pipeline. If you work with a team, everyone can contribute to filling in the pipeline from their respective inbox.

Suggestions are found in the right-hand sidebar while viewing a new pipeline. Click on any of the suggestions to add them to your pipeline. Accepting a suggestion will also create the relevant contact or organization and add it to the new item.

To add a company or contact to a specific stage of your pipeline, click on that stage in your pipeline before accepting a suggestion.

#2 Import data with the Google Sheets add-on

Streak's Google Sheets add-on allows you to import data directly to your pipeline.

Once the add-on has been installed, importing your data is as simple as mapping the spreadsheet columns to your pipeline columns and running the import. Learn more and find complete instructions in this article.

#3 Add threads via the Streak sidebar

Create new pipeline items from email threads using the Streak sidebar.

To create a new box, open the Streak sidebar and select which pipeline you'd like to add the item to under the "Create new" section. A box will be created in that pipeline and you'll be able to immediately edit the box name and details from the sidebar.

#4 Enter information directly in your pipeline

Pipelines can be edited in the same way as a spreadsheet, making it easy to quickly fill in or edit information about your items. 

To add a new item in the pipeline view, click the "+" button at the top right. This creates a new item as a row in your pipeline. Double click in each cell to add or edit information.

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