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Introduction to Integrations & Automation
Introduction to Integrations & Automation

Overview: connect Streak with third party apps and automate your workflow

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Integrations and automation increase productivity, scalability, and success by saving time on repetitive tasks, having more accurate data, and improving the overall user experience.

Streak offers various ways to integrate with 9,000+ apps and automate your workflow. They include:

Note: This article is an overview of each integration and automation option - please see links for dedicated articles in each section to learn more and get step-by-step instructions.

Integrations and automation terminology

Being familiar with the following phrases will help you understand the various types of integrations and automation in Streak:

  • Native Integrations - Instead of relying on a third-party tool like Zapier to connect Streak to other applications, native integrations allow you to connect and share data with third party applications directly inside Streak.

  • Automation - When a trigger occurs, automations complete a specific action or set of actions. If the automation is native, that means you can set it up directly in Streak without a third party tool like Zapier.

  • Trigger - A condition that prompts the automation to start.

  • Action - The part of an automation that occurs when the trigger is set off.

For example, a native integration between Typeform and Streak allows you to automate adding new leads to your pipeline when they fill out your Typeform form. The automation trigger would occur when a lead completes the form in Typeform. The action could be that you create a new box and add their contact information to your pipeline.

How to access integrations and automation options in Streak

You can access Streak's integrations and automations right inside your Gmail inbox.

  1. Nagivate to the pipeline you want to automate

  2. Click the three vertical dots at the top right of your pipeline

  3. Select the “Integrations and Automation" menu option

  4. Choose your integration and automation type.

Native integrations and automation

Native integrations allow you to connect with third party apps and create automations directly within Streak. You don't need to use a tool like Zapier to set up native integrations and automation.

Currently, Streak offers the following native integrations that you can use to automate your pipelines and workflow:

Use the links above to learn more and find step-by-step instructions for each one. We're continually adding more native integrations, so stay tuned for updates.

Have questions about native integrations and automation? Check out our frequently asked questions.

Native integrations and automation availability

Integrations and automation are available on our Pro+ and Enterprise plans. To upgrade your plan follow these instructions.

Streak importer tool

The Streak importer tool allows you to directly import data from Google Sheets, a CSV, or Excel file to your pipelines.

Google Chat integration

Our integration with Google Hangouts Chat allows you to search Streak boxes, add Chat conversations to boxes, and setup simple Streak notifications to send to Chat.

Getting started is easy — type “@Streak” in any room in Chat to add the Streak bot.

Slack integration

A deeply integrated experience in Slack makes it easy to get box notifications and update your pipelines using interactive modals within Slack.

Install the Streak for Slack integration in Slack's App Directory.

Zapier-enabled integrations with 9,000+ apps

Zapier is a third-party tool that allows you to connect Streak with thousands of apps and create even more Streak<>Streak integrations.

You can search for integrations in the Integrations and automation sidebar or browse popular integrations and use Zap templates to create automations in minutes.

Streak API

The Streak API offers countless ways to leverage our open platform and customize your team's experience.

Our API powers a majority of the functions and actions a user can make within Streak – creating boxes, pipelines, snippets, etc. We've designed the platform and our API docs to be easy to use and understand for people with or without development experience.

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