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A few easy steps to get started with Streak

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Streak (what is Streak?) lets you manage and prioritize all your work, organize your email, and collaborate with your team, all within Gmail. 

#1. Set up your pipeline 

A pipeline represents the workflow you are managing. This could be Sales, Business Development, Projects, Hiring, Recruiting, Investing, Fundraising, or any other workflow you might have.

Customize stages and columns to what you need

  • Each stage is a step in your workflow. Stages represent the progression from start to finish. Have as many or as few stages as you like.

  • Each column represents a detail you want to record about your boxes. (Streak automatically populates some for you!)  Add and remove as many columns as you like.

#2. Organize your emails, starting with boxes 

Add boxes 

Quick Add is one of several ways to add boxes to your pipeline. Each box is a row in your pipeline, and represents what you're trying to track in your pipeline. In many cases these are companies or individuals. 

You can also import your data using Streak's importer tool.

Organize your emails through the sidebar

Add your emails to existing boxes or create new boxes for them.

After an email is added to a Box (new or existing), you can now access Box details through the sidebar. You'll also be able to see this email in that Box. 


#3. Enrich and collaborate 

Within each of your boxes, you could: 

  • Add and view emails (including any email your team adds!) 

  • Add comments and meeting notes (shared with your entire team) 

  • Leave comments and tag team members (we’ll notify them when you @mention them) 

  • Add contacts (we’ll automatically enrich them with publicly available data) 

  • Assign tasks (we'll notify them when assigned)

  • Upload files 


What else should I do? 

If you have completed steps #1 - 3 above, take a breather! 

As you begin incorporating Streak into your daily workflow, you can find video tutorials and product tours in the Streak sidebar. 

Streak has a lot more to offer: 

  • Magic columns. Streak automatically captures data (e.g. date of last email, number of emails, days in stage etc.) for you to organize and prioritize your pipeline.  

  • Saved views. Filter, sort and group your pipeline to tell you which boxes need attention, what to work on next, and analyze your data.

  • Use Box features. Boxes are where rich detail can be added. Use tasks, add call logs and meeting notes, add files, and even tag (@mention) your teammate! 

  • Add your team. Start collaborating with others: share anything you want: your emails, contacts, Boxes, and Pipelines. 

  • Tasks. Create and assign flexible tasks to yourself or your team. 

  • Mobile. If you're someone on-the-go, download our iOS and Android apps

  • Email power tools. Email tracking, mail merge, snippets, and send-later. 


Still confused? Talk to us through the floating chat on this page! (bottom right ➡️) 

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