Streak lets you organize your emails, manage and prioritize your work, and collaborate with your team, all within Gmail. To get started, follow these easy steps: 

#1. Set up your pipeline 

A pipeline represents the workflow you are managing. This could be Sales, Business Development, Projects, Hiring, Recruiting, Investing, Fundraising, or any other workflow you might have.

Create and customize your pipeline stages and columns

  • Each stage is a step in your workflow. Stages represent the progression from start to finish. (e.g. leads > contacted > responded > negotiating > closed-won > closed-lost etc.). Have as many or as few stages as you like! 
  • Each column represents the different fields of information you want to record about your boxes. (e.g. location, industry,  employee count, source, deal size, next steps, start date etc.

Streak automatically populates "magic columns" for you (e.g. date of last sent email, number of tasks, date of last call etc.). Add and remove as many columns as you like!

#2. Organize your emails - add emails!

For the fastest setup, use Quick Add to add boxes to your pipeline. Each row is a Box. 

Your emails are organized by adding emails to existing boxes, or by creating new boxes for them. 

Once an email is added to a Box, add details (to the columns you previously created in the pipeline) through the right sidebar. 

Remember, Boxes represent what you're tracking, and emails are attached to boxes. 

  • For Sales, each box represents a lead or opportunity
  • For Business Development, each box represents a partnership opportunity
  • For Operations, each box represents a specific project 
  • For Hiring, each box represents a candidate
  • For Investors, each box represents a deal or investment 
  • Boxes tend to be named as companies - e.g. "Stark Industries", "Hooli Company" etc.


#3. Manage, prioritize, and collaborate 

Collaborate inside your boxes

Within each of your boxes, you could: 

  • Add and view emails (including any email your team adds!
  • Add comments and meeting notes (shared with your entire team) 
  • Collaborate with team members (we’ll notify them when you @mention them) 
  • Add contacts (we’ll automatically enrich them with publicly available data) 
  • Assign tasks (we'll notify them when assigned)
  • Upload files 


How do I use Streak as part of my day? 

  1. When sending and reading emails, organize them and update your work 
  2. See which items you're tracking is most urgent / a priority 
  3. Collaborate with your team - share emails, files, notes, and tasks with your team! 


#4. Try our power tools! 

With email tracking, mail merge, snippets, and send-later, our email power tools will let you work faster and smarter in Gmail!


What else should I do? 

  • Add your team. To collaborate with others, you would need to add your team to your Streak account.  
  • Mobile. If you're someone on-the-go, download our iOS and Android apps
  • Still not sure about Streak? Check out our webinar

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