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The Streak sidebar is a consolidated place to find your pipeline information, learn about Streak, and know what to do next. 

The sidebar surfaces relevant information depending where you are in your workflow. If you're viewing an email, the Streak sidebar will show you relevant pipeline information. If you're viewing your inbox or a pipeline, the sidebar will show you upcoming tasks and Streak information. 

Click the Streak icon in Gmail's top bar to open the Streak sidebar. 

Complete your upcoming tasks

The sidebar helps you understand what to do next by surfacing your upcoming tasks. 

If you have Streak contacts or organizations associated with a task, you can call them, draft an email, or schedule a calendar event with one click. 

Click View all to find your full to-do list. 

Become a Streak expert

Learn how to use Streak with video tutorials and product tours. 

Track your progress towards becoming a Streak expert as you learn about Streak and complete steps in the checklist. 

As you work through the checklist, you and your team can revisit these tips and videos at any time for a refresher. 

Manage your account

Your Streak menu is located in the Home sidebar so you can access resources and manage your account in one place.

Settings - manage Streak notifications, email tracking and snippet settings, and more.
Manage team - add or remove people from your team, manage your payment information, and find invoices.
Integrations - find your API key along with other integrations.
Updates - find updates, fixes, and other Streak news.
Help - contact our Support team or search our Knowledge Base. 

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