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Find pipeline information in the sidebar
Find pipeline information in the sidebar

Pipeline information about your emails and contacts, right in your inbox.

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To learn how to add emails to pipelines, see article here.
To learn how to update box information, see article here.

The sidebar surfaces relevant information depending where you are in your workflow. If you're viewing an email, the Streak sidebar will show you relevant pipeline information. If you're viewing your inbox or a pipeline, the sidebar will show you upcoming tasks and Streak information

Pipeline information in the sidebar

After adding an email to a Streak Pipeline, the sidebar brings useful information to your email so you can make informed decisions without leaving Gmail. 

These icons at the top right of your sidebar give you quick access and control over your view.

When Following-Up, don't forget to add an assignee to the task so it's added to Streak Upcoming, while adding a due date syncs it with Google Calendar

The expand icon navigates away from your inbox to the full box view.

Pipeline Information

The first section at the top of the sidebar displays the pipeline name, box name, the stage that the box is in, and the team member assigned to the box. 

Click on the pipeline name to navigate to pipeline view. Click the box name, stage menu, or assignee name to update or edit the information directly in the sidebar.  

View the number of tasks associated with the box and the date of the next due task in a prominent location. Click the task icon to view a full list of tasks and to edit and create tasks from your inbox.

Related Items, previously called linked boxes, are displayed near the top of the sidebar so you never miss important context on your leads.

Contacts and Organizations

Streak suggests contacts and organizations based on recipients included on the email thread. Add new contacts and accept or deny contact suggestions in one click! 

Once you've added a contact to your box, click the three vertical dots to interact with your contact, or click the contact's name to view their full information in the sidebar.

Recent Activity

View the most recent comments, call logs & meeting notes, and email threads included in a box and the date they were added. Click on the activity to navigate to box view for full details or to edit the activity.

Column Data

Quickly scan data about your lead to gain context in your inbox. Fill in information as you go by clicking into any field. This information will be reflected in the custom data columns of your pipeline.

Action Menu

The "+" icon at the bottom of the sidebar expands to a full action menu. Log interactions, upload files, add comments and tasks, and link to related items from this menu without leaving your inbox. 

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